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What is Intercultural communication?

Used from other sellers Check for new and used marketplace copies. Underpinned by a grammar of culture developed by the author, this book addresses key issues in intercultural communication, including: the positive contribution of people from diverse cultural backgrounds; the politics of Self and Other which promote negative stereotyping; the basis for a de-centred approach to globalisation in which periphery cultural realities can gain voice and ownership.

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Routledge Routledge is the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Linguistic Diversity and Social Teaching and Learning in the La Critical Inquiries in the Socio Tyler Andrew Barrett Language and Development in Afr Claiming the State Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner Translation and Global Spaces o Stefan Baumgarten edi Complexity Thinking in Translat Kobus Marais editor , Taylor and Francis.

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Quite the contrary; Hall asserts that you can, in fact, learn something without understanding everything, and given the dynamic nature of communication and culture, who is to say that your lessons will not serve you well? Consider a study abroad experience if that is an option for you, or learn from a classmate who comes from a foreign country or an unfamiliar culture.

Be open to new ideas and experiences, and start investigating. Many have gone before you, and today, unlike in generations past, much of the information is accessible. Your experiences will allow you to learn about another culture and yourself, and help you to avoid prejudice.

Prejudice involves a negative preconceived judgment or opinion that guides conduct or social behavior McLean, S.

Understanding intercultural communication - saying 'no'

As an example, imagine two people walking into a room for a job interview. You are tasked to interview both, and having read the previous section, you know that Allport rings true when he says we rely on stereotypes when encountering people or cultures with which we have had little contact.

Will their race or ethnicity be a conscious or subconscious factor in your thinking process? People who treat other with prejudice often make assumptions, or take preconceived ideas for granted without question, about the group or communities. As Allport illustrated for us, we often assume characteristics about groups with which we have little contact.

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Sometimes we also assume similarity , thinking that people are all basically similar. This denies cultural, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and many other valuable, insightful differences. Ethnocentric tendencies, stereotyping, and assumptions of similarity can make it difficult to learn about cultural differences.

People sometimes assume that learning about other cultures is unnecessary if we simply treat others as we would like to be treated. To test this assumption, try answering the following questions.

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Write down your answers before reading further. Chen, G.

27.2 How to Understand Intercultural Communication

Foundations of intercultural communication. Leeds-Hurwitz, W. Notes in the history of intercultural communication: The foreign service institute and the mandate for intercultral training. Quarterly Journal of Speech , 76 , — McLean, S.

Understanding Intercultural Communication And Interpersonal Communication Essay

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go here Chapter Intercultural and International Business Communication. Learning Objective Describe strategies to understand intercultural communication, prejudice, and ethnocentrism. Key Takeaway Ethnocentric tendencies, stereotyping, and assumptions of similarity can make it difficult to learn about cultural differences. Exercises People sometimes assume that learning about other cultures is unnecessary if we simply treat others as we would like to be treated. When receiving a gift from a friend, should you open it immediately, or wait to open it in private?