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International Journal of Osteoarchaeology Kahlon, B. Schattmann, A. Ribot, I. Raguin, E. Bertrand, B. Ancient vitamin D deficiency: long term trends. Current Anthropology Ives, R. Mant, M. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology. Possible scurvy in the prisoners of Old Quebec: A re-evaluation of evidence in adult skeletal remains. The Rachitic Tooth: A histological examination. Journal of Archaeological Science. Dragomir, A. Vatteoni, S.

Approaches to co-occurrence: Scurvy and rickets in infants and young children of 16 th — 18 th century Douai, France. Emery, M. Prowse, T. Schwarcz, HP. Historical Archaeology. Schwarcz, H. Picking up the pieces: utilizing the diagnostic potential of poorly preserved remains. Moffat T. Biocultural perspectives of vitamin D deficiency in the past. Journal of Anthropology Archaeology. Lockau, L.

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Gilmour, R. Bioarchaeological investigation of sharp force injuries to the ribs and lower leg from the battle of Stoney Creek in the War of Anthropological Science , Gale, R.

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Plants and People, In: Hughes, G. Cuttler, R. Limbrey, S. Marques, C. Identification of urate crystals in gouty individuals. A shot in the dark: Interpreting evidence for prehistoric conflict. Saville ed. Flint and Stone in the Neolithic Period. Swinson, D. Buckberry, J. HPLC in the investigation of gout in paleopathology. Mays, S. Evaluation and interpretation of residual rickets deformities in adults.

Snaith, Buckberry, J. Growth and vitamin D deficiency in a population from 19 th century Birmingham, England. Growth in an English population from the Industrial Revolution.

American Journal of Physical Anthropology In Press. Skeletal evidence for hyperparathyroidism in a 19th century child with rickets. Experimental evidence for lithic projectile injuries: Improving identification of an under-recognised phenomenon.

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