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James Joyce was the eldest of 10 children, and his father did not earn a stable living.

Joyce began living with Nora Barnacle in and married her in Nora was the model for the character Molly Bloom in Ulysses. They had two children: a son, Giorgio, born in , and a daughter, Lucia, born in Joyce did not return to Clongowes in ; instead he stayed at home for the next two years and tried to educate himself, asking his mother to check his work.

In April he and his brother Stanislaus were admitted, without fees, to Belvedere College, a Jesuit grammar school in Dublin. Joyce did well there academically and was twice elected president of the Marian Society, a position virtually that of head boy. He left, however, under a cloud, as it was thought correctly that he had lost his Roman Catholic faith. He entered University College, Dublin, which was then staffed by Jesuit priests.

This early success confirmed Joyce in his resolution to become a writer and persuaded his family, friends, and teachers that the resolution was justified. Never did he relax his efforts to master the art of writing. Recalled home in April because his mother was dying, he tried various occupations, including teaching, and lived at various addresses, including the Martello Tower at Sandycove, which later became a museum.

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In response Joyce began writing the stories published as Dubliners Eventually he persuaded her to leave Ireland with him, although he refused, on principle, to go through a ceremony of marriage. They left Dublin together in October Joyce obtained a position in the Berlitz School at Pola in Austria-Hungary now Pula, Croatia , working in his spare time at his novel and short stories.

Rereading 'Ulysses' by James Joyce: The Best Novel Since - The Atlantic

In —07, for eight months, he worked at a bank in Rome, disliking almost everything he saw. His studies in European literature had interested him in both the Symbolists and the realists of the second half of the 19th century; his work began to show a synthesis of these two rival movements. In he visited Ireland twice to try to publish Dubliners and set up a chain of Irish cinemas. Another old friend proved this to be a lie.

Early travels and works

Joyce always felt that he had been betrayed, however, and the theme of betrayal runs through much of his later writings. Her generosity resulted partly from her admiration for his work and partly from her sympathy with his difficulties, for, as well as poverty, he had to contend with eye diseases that never really left him. The audio collection also includes recordings of Joyce-related music: arias, Irish songs, and music hall.

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The Foundation has a modest collection of autographs which includes about letters and postcards written by Joyce as well as letters from friends and acquaintances, the great majority of which come from the bequest of Carola Giedion-Welcker. One small slip of paper has the original draft of what became a few sentences in Finnegans Wake Policies regarding copyrighted material from the Joyce Foundation. There is also a substantial collection of Joycean caricatures.

The Classical Temper: A Study of James Joyce's Ulysses

The Lawrence collection is the largest collection of photographs documenting Ireland from the late 19th century. The Foundation has acquired a number of prints from the original glass plates held at the National Library of Ireland which document Joycean locations in Dublin.

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There is furthermore a large and growing photograph collection of Joyceans and Joyce events, both within the Foundation and from various Joyce conferences. Photographic and other material is available to publishers, museums, etc.