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Higgins, E. Beyond pleasure and pain. American Psychologist, 52 12 , How self-regulation creates distinct values: the case of promotion and prevention decision making. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 12 3 , Regulatory fit: an experience that creates value. Beyond pleasure and pain: how motivation works. Achievement orientation from subjective histories of success: promotion pride versus prevention pride.

European Journal of Social Psychology, 31 1 , Engaging the consumer: the science and art of the value creation process. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19 2 , Laran, J. Context-dependent effects of goal primes. Journal of Consumer Research, 35 4 , Latimer, A. A field experiment testing the utility of regulatory fit messages for promoting physical activity. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 44 3 , Lee, A. Engaging the consumer: the opposing forces of regulatory nonfit versus fit. Bringing the frame into focus: the influence of regulatory fit on processing fluency and persuasion.

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 86 2 , Value from regulatory construal fit: the persuasive impact of fit between consumer goals and message concreteness. Journal of Consumer Research, 36 5 , Mogilner, C. Time will tell: the distant appeal of promotion and imminent appeal of prevention. Journal of Consumer Research, 34 5 , Nordgren, L. The devil is in the deliberation: thinking too much reduces preference consistency. Journal of Consumer Research, 36 1 , Norris, M. The impact of information processing goals and capacity restrictions Doctoral dissertation.

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How affective states, task difficulty, and self-concepts influence the formation and consequences of performance expectancies. Cognition and Emotion, 25 2 , Rice, S. The harder the task, the more inconsistent the performance: a PPT analysis on task difficulty. The Journal of General Psychology, 1 , Agency hub.

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