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I have been working in the field of neural networks, mathematical and computational neuroscience since The main direction of my research has been related to modelling the functional behaviour of structures in the central nervous system. I was among the first in the world to apply new mathematical tools — multidimensional interacting Markovian processes and fields - to the analysis of dynamical regimes in stochastic neural networks.

Advanced Models of Neural Networks

I was engaged at Moscow in pioneer research concerned with developing numerical algorithms to investigate the bifurcations of steady states and limit cycles in nonlinear dynamical systems under parameter variation. These investigations showed that cooperative effects like physical phase-transitions and synchronisation phenomena occur normally in biological neural networks despite a very chaotic spike activity of single neurons.

In addition, metastable states of neural networks were proved to be useful to model short-term memory in a series of theoretical and simulation works. I am currently study neurodynamics and synchronisation in neural networks with various types of elements and architectures. The rhythm and waves in the brain are of special interest. The fulfilment of this program will form a unified approach to the modelling of various cognitive functions such as attention, memory, and decision making.

In collaboration with neurobiologists from Universities of Bristol and St Andrews we are developing biologically realistic detailed anatomical and physiological models of the tadpole nervous system which are able to execute information processing and control swimming behaviour. Borisyuk R.

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Neural Networks Explained - Machine Learning Tutorial for Beginners

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Inverse problems

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Professor Roman Borisyuk

In Mathematical Physiology, [Eds. Volume of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics series Biosciences subseries , See also the electronic version. Lecture notes. Ricciardi, A. Buonocore, and E. Susanne Ditlevsen and Ove Ditlevsen : Parameter estimation from observations of first-passage times of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process and the Feller process.

Susanne Ditlevsen and Andrea De Gaetano : A model of the uptake of alternative fatty acids by isolated rat liver based on stochastic differential equations. Statistics in Medicine , , To the Editor. Epidemiology , 16 4 , July Susanne Ditlevsen: Matematikken i nervecellers dynamik.

Susanne Ditlevsen

Special issue of Scandinavian Journal of Statistics , 41 1 , 22, Associate editor, Biometrika , present. Consulting editor, Journal of Mathematical Psychology , present. Associate editor, Scandinavian Journal of Statistics , Associate editor, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering , present. I have been in assessment committees for academic positions full, associate and assistant professorships in Denmark, Norway, Italy and Germany.

Mads Bonde Raad Current, Title: Neural Networks. Title: Inference from stochastic processes with application to birdsongs and biomedicine. Co-supervisor: Anders Rahbek, Department of Economics. Kang Li Anders Christian Jensen Massimiliano Tamborrino Title: Neural network connectivity and response latency modeled by stochastic processes. PhD students where I am or have been co-supervisor Troels Mikkelsen Title: Oscillations and bifurcations in complex systems such as the climate. Catalina Vich Title: Estimation of synaptic conductances. Christian Klement Main supervisor: Flemming Balvig, Faculty of Law.

Title: Crime among Outlaw Bikers in Denmark. Alexandre Iolov Main supervisor: Andre Longtin, University of Ottawa. Title: Parameter estimation, optimal control and optimal design in stochastic neuron models. Umberto Picchini PI Lundbeck Foundation Plenary talk. The 48th annual meeting of the Dutch probability and statistics community , Lunteren, the Netherlands. Keynote speaker. Tutorial speaker. Annual Meeting. Euro Summer School Lipari, Italy.

Matematiske Modeller i Diabetes. Symposium in honor of Ove Ditlevsen. DTU, Lyngby.

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